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Heartfelt Favorites of July


We are in the sweetheart of summer! July makes me think of those warm nights, beach days and that fun, free feeling that summer provides.

Here are my favorite things this month!

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As I'm sure you all know I love fashion and style. If I could sketch designs and didn't hate my textiles class in college, I'm sure I would have started my own clothing line.

Instead, I'm curating my picks for my Amazon storefront! I'm so excited to share this with you all so you can shop all sorts of styles!

I felt inspired by the women in my life, family and friends and how each one has their own style. Each collection is named after a friend or family member. It may not be what they would exactly chose but whether it's travel, home decor/gifts, career attire I couldn't help but pick things that reminded me of them in some sort of way, that I'd buy myself.

Check out my Amazon store and thanks to all who inspired me & supported me in some way through out my life with love, friendship & family.

Darling and Sober: After the Pink Cloud


When I stopped drinking and realized that my consumption of anti-anxiety medication had somewhere along the line become a problem, I felt renewed. I also was in the “pink cloud”.