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Heartfelt Favorites of August

Heartfelt Favorites of August

Ah, August. It can still be stifling hot during daylight but by the evening you can feel the reminder that the season of sun is setting soon making way for Autumn. There’s something about August sunsets, all intense and pink and fiery. Ivy covered stairs and white lights and sunflowers, a cool wind and foggy magical nights. Walking in sundresses to take pictures of the quiet ocean. Oh August you beautiful, fleeting thing you

August has been a thought provoking month for me and I have grown to realize my blog and social media are always there and it’s okay to take breaks. It’s okay to live and laugh and enjoy the days and pretty evenings. .

I wanted to share my favorite things this month!



I’ve heard about Poshmark and the potential of making money from selling clothes out of your own closet over a year ago. About a month ago, I decided to try it out. It’s great cleaning out my closet and making cash. Follow my closet!

Lucy Loo Doodles


I just love Lucy’s vintage-inspired, sassy and vibrant art. I commissioned this piece from her and I am so over the moon. I just love her retro take and fun sayings. Check out her work!

Leslie Weaver Art


Leslie Weaver’s art conjures up images of Palm Springs and gorgeous summer sunsets and women in stunning dresses and intricate jewelry. I just love her use of color. They are so vibrant, so happy. I hope to own a piece of her artwork soon!

Sober Cinky


I’m obsessed with Sober Cinky - “Handmade jewelry with a purpose. Sober Cinky was born for the recovery community, so that they may have a wearable daily reminders to stay sober.”

What are your August Favorites?

Recovery Focus

Recovery Focus