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Fun & Funky Summer Style (Vintage & Modern)

Fun & Funky Summer Style (Vintage & Modern)

Looking for a retro infused summer style? I scoured some of my favorite shopping sites to curate a dreamy wardrobe with a vintage flair and sharing my tips and tricks for incorporating vintage style in the summer!


  1. Check out the bags! Embroidered bags, basket bags and beaded bags are all coming back! Check out the threading and the clasps! A lot of bags are delicate and unless you know someone who can repair a vintage bag, make sure it fastens and isn’t loosing any beading!

  2. Scarves, Scarves, Scarves! I listed two accessories for a reason. A vintage bag or scarf can turn an ordinary, modern outfit into retro loveliness. I love scarves for many reasons. Get creative with it! Put it on your bag, your hair, around your neck, around your ankle. Try out different styles. Be funky and fun.

  3. If you are buying online don’t be afraid to ask questions! I find a lot vintage summer dresses are still heavy to me. Ask what fabrics, sizing, all that. Make sure it’ll fit and be comfortable!

  4. I try not to go into vintage shopping with a super specific request. Go in with an open minded and a more general theme or time era, like 60s mod or 50’s dresses. It makes it much easier and you’ll be awed what fabulous things you can find.

  5. If you are shopping vintage -inspired think - the classic silhouettes of the decade you are trying to channel. Are you looking for a cinched in look or a wider, bohemian style? Stick with basic colors and prints. The way a dress or blouse drapes should make you feel like a vintage goddess!

  6. Don’t be afraid to look at the Targets and Kohl’s for a modern retro find! You can find vintage inspired styles almost anywhere. Fashion styles are cylindrical, they all come back but with a twist. You can find a basic black dress with a classic silhouette and accessorize it to make it a killer retro look.

Here are my favorite vintage

and modern looks of the summer you can shop!



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