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Heartfelt Favorites of May

Heartfelt Favorites of May

May is my favorite month - it ushers in cherry and apple blossoms. I push my sundresses to the front of my closet and it feels like everything outside my window is so pretty, pink, feminine and whispering poems and love stories with the month’s peonies and warm winds. It made me think of little joys - those things that make us smile and our eyes crinkle with sweetness and your mouth curve to an unbridled smile.

Here are my favorites of the month - my “little joys”. What are yours?

Vera Neumann

Vera Neumann was a genius artist known for use of vibrant color, geometric shapes, and her infamous “ladybug” design. She became incredibly popular in the 60’s and 70’s for her scarves and handbags. Here are some of her gorgeous prints! You can find her prints on Etsy or my favorite vintage gem, Vintanthromodern .


Farrah Fawcett

Lately I’ve really been loving the colorful and quirky styles of the 70’s. It was vibrant and daring - low cut tops, detailed embellishments - but with an easy smile. I just love scrolling the pictures of 70’s fashion and makeup and becoming inspired. Farrah was the epitome of cool girl glamour and 70’s vibes.


Ballerina Art

I remember the days of ballet, the soft tulle, my long blonde hair in a bun, pirouettes and girlish giggles. Ballerina art enchants me - the purity and sweetness of the lines, the mysterious femininity. It makes me think of youth and sunlight.


70’s Fashion

As aforementioned in the Farrah part, 70’s style and fashion has been inspiring me lately. I love the color, the daring cuts, the sparkle and shine. It was over the top, it was sexy, it was fun. There’s still a lot of 70’s style that can still be worn today! Here are some of my favorite looks, via Pinterest.



Words have the power to heal, the power to uplift, the power to give clarity. In times of joy and also sadness I often look toward quotes! Here are some of my favorites:



Of course color is inspiring! Rebranding my blog I didn’t realize how important my color pallette was. I love soft, muted vintage tones. What colors speak to you?

May Mood Board

May Mood Board

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