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Vintage Magic by Catherine Velazquez

Vintage Magic by Catherine Velazquez

This is my second installment of Vintage Magic - a series about CT Stylists that can provide you with a vintage look whether it’s for your wedding, prom, photoshoot or a special event.

I’m excited that my second interview features the beautiful and talented Catherine Velazquez.

I met Catherine at my friends’ wedding. Her makeup was impeccable and I shyly asked her if she could do winged eyeliner on me and it came out looking AMAZING. I noticed she was helping a couple other women out with makeup and had to know more about her talent!

Me, Courtney: Hi Catherine, thanks for doing this interview! Before we get into styles of makeup - tell us a little about yourself and where your passion for makeup started! 

Catherine: I've always been interested in makeup; some of the earliest memories I have are of me sitting and watching my sister put on her makeup in the hallway mirror. I started wearing (very poorly applied) eyeliner by the time I was in fourth grade and there was simply no going back after that. I was always fortunate that my mother let me experiment with colors and trends as well as having great friends that would sit and allow me to try out makeup looks on them.

C:  What are vintage makeup women often ask for? Do you see a trend lately with any retro style?

Catherine:  The vintage look that women most often request is without a doubt a classic red lip and winged liner. It is essentially the 'little black dress' of makeup and you simply can't go wrong with it. Currently we are seeing a nod in fashion towards the 60's which, I am personally so happy for. Everyday trends are currently getting away from the heavy face sculpting and crazy contour to softer, dewy, more natural looks. Start stocking up on your peaches and pinks, tinted lip balms, and soft cream blushes. Focus on soft, natural shaped brows and don't be afraid to bring all of the focus to your eyes with some swift Sophia Loren-esque eyeliner, bold twiggy lashes, and a fun pop of color!

C: Do you have a particular retro makeup look you personally love?

Catherine: My go-to retro look (which also happens to be my "running out the door and doing my makeup as fast as I can" look) is a classic matte black winged liner, some mascara, blush, and a burnt red/orange lip. It's simple, classy, fun, and goes with nearly any outfit. 

C:   What's a quick way for someone at home to create a retro look with makeup?

Catherine: The best way to create your ideal retro look at home is to first put down all of those crazy contouring tools and remember that a retro look is all about emphasis on your own natural beauty. Now, consider what you want to be your focal point; what is your favorite feature? A great retro look most often consists of making one feature the focal point and allowing for the rest of your beauty to speak for itself. If it is your lips, go bold! Don't be afraid to mix two lipsticks together to create the perfect custom shade just for you! Do you love your cheekbones? Have fun with your blush and add a subtle highlight to keep them looking sharp. Not sure what your favorite feature is yet? Emulate your favorite style icons throughout the years; look at Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, etc. Don't be afraid of color and don't be afraid to try new (old) things!

C: Lastly where can readers come for your services or set up an appointment? 

Catherine: To reach me for appointments, readers are welcome to email me at CatherineMariaMUA@gmail.com, call/text me at (203) 804-7766, or visit www.CatherineMariaMUA.com.

To view my latest work or a day-to-day basis, visit my instagram at @Catherine_Maria_MUA

I am currently servicing both New York City and Connecticut.

Thank you for the interview Catherine! Check out some of these gorgeous photos of her work and be sure to book an appointment with her to get your best look!

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