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Betty Juliet: Behind the Scenes

Betty Juliet: Behind the Scenes

I recently did a Q&A live on Instagram. It was fun but I was a little nervous! There were some great questions asked and I wanted those who are new to my blog or instagram to get to know me better. 


Q: What is your favorite TV show?

I love this question because Caitlin, the blogger from Confessions of a Northern Belle, knows me and how I watch tv shows years and years after they aired. 

I love Hart of Dixie currently. So cute! I was all watching Suits which I loved too. Mad Men has to be my favorite tv show of all time, though. It truly was inspiring to me and evoked so many emotions. I thought everything was meticulously produced on that show.

Q: What's your favorite lipstick brand?

I LOVE Covergirl and Revlon. I would like to try Besame cosmetics!

Q: How do you plan your posts and seek inspiration? 

Planning posts is so hard for me - that's probably one of the hardest parts of blogging for me. I often work 6 days a week and have a personal life, too. It's hard to block off time when I feel I don't have any. I usually post on my days off and after work. My inspiration comes from everywhere! Pinterest is a treasure trove of Golden Hollywood gems - fashion, styling and poses. Instagram and other bloggers really inspire me too especially when it comes to posing and backdrops! 

Q: What's your favorite CT Vintage shops and how do you edit your photos with a consistent theme? 

Barn Sale in Hamden is a great vintage shop for home decor and other goodies (like vintage cameras). Homemaker Thrift Store in Branford is also excellent - I've found some amazing clothes, brooches and clip on earrings. Coco's on the Green in Branford and Back on the Rack in Hamden are both consignment shops with a gorgeous mix of vintage and modern clothes. Check out my post from February on other great vintage shops in CT! 

I don't feel I have a consistent theme - but I love that someone does! I use VCSO Cam and love the brighter edit options - like F2 and G3. I recently started using Snapseed again and love the Vintage filter. Depending on the colors and mood of the photo, I chose the filter and strength based off those variables. I do like the Grain and Glamour Glow option, also. 

Q: What's up with the name change?

The Heart of a Flower was my old blog/IG name but I felt I had outgrown the name and wanted to re-brand myself since I was writing more and more about vintage. Betty is an iconic, vintage name to me and Juliet is a romantic name. It just seemed to fit for the type of blog and aesthetic I was going for - vintage, dreamy and romantic.  I wrote a blog post about my name change  - here! :) 

Q: Tell us more about your muses and why you love them!

I have so many so I'll try to keep this short :) Watching re-runs of Marlo Thomas in That Girl made me love vintage fashion and style! Aside from Marlo, my favorite muses are: Grace Kelly (classic, feminine, preppy and sexy style), Bianca Jagger (My post here covers her amazing style!),  and Veronica Lake (sleek, 40's, glam style). 


Q. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging with the hopes I'd chronicle my life in Mississippi where I was working for a real estate company that did foreclosures. I got to see so many towns, so many houses, so many little diners, jazz bars, and art galleries. I wanted to share the gorgeous, seaside towns that became ghosts. It didn't pan out and I used blogging as a platform for my writing.

Q. Where in the world would you live? 

I love Madison, CT and the gorgeous, free-spirited and artsy town Ocean Springs, MS!!

Q. How would you describe your spirit animal? 

A kitten with a vintage inspired dress on and maybe rollerskates because why not!

Q: What are your favorite places to shop?

I love the vintage shops I mentioned up top plus Unique Vintage, ModCloth and Lulu's online. TJ Maxx is great too. I love mixing modern and vintage especially at work! 


Do you have any questions for me? Drop me a line! 

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