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Retro Spring Essentials

Retro Spring Essentials

Winter is lingering here in New England, but I am missing cherry blossom trees and warm winds. As the months go by and vintage boutiques are putting out their 60's floral dresses, basket bags, colorful jewelry and pastel colored scarves and I can't help but fall in love. Here are the top 5 spring essentials every retro babe needs!


A Wooden Bag


Think 70's, summer-y, funky and fun. This etsy vintage find is a perfect bag for any vintage enthusiast during the summer. Funky, functional and swoon-worthy. 


A Floral Dress


I know, I know - "Florals in Spring? Groundbreaking'.  This cute floral vintage dress has the ruffle sleeves that are perfect for those breezy Spring days but also bright and sweet for those almost-summer days. This Etsy Vintage is so 60's and sweet. 


A Little Glam


When I see these gorgeous earrings, I think of a glamorous night. But these show stopping vintage earrings are perfect for a brunch, work or any time you want to add some elegance to your spring outfit. 


Floral Accents




These mint flower and rhinestone earrings are a perfect accessory for any retro babe. Vintage loveliness!


A Good Book



Envision yourself in a floral 50's style dress - the full skirt laid out as cherry blossoms float through the air. As you enjoy the warmer weather, think about delving into a book full of stories of Golden Hollywood. Perfection.


What are your Spring essentials?

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