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Dress like a 70's Babe

Dress like a 70's Babe

I've been loving the 70's style lately - jumpsuits with plunging necklines, platform shoes, sparkly berets, tennis shorts, boho rocker vibes, floral patterns and disco decadence are just some of the things that come swirling to mind.

I wanted to compile a list of some stunning 70's style icons to channel when you want some retro, show-stopping appeal. 

Stevie Nicks


Stevie Nicks is my favorite rock goddess. Her witchy, ethereal, magical boho fashions have inspired so many - even today. I love her layers, her delicate jewelry, top hats and platform boots. 


Dress like Stevie Nicks


This gorgeous Free People "Back to Black" dress has the witchy, black magic, the boho bell sleeves and the plunging necklines that the '70s and Stevie Nicks so adored. Layer it with thin, sparkly scarves, suede vests and throw on some bad ass platform boots with a top hat and a tambourine to boot, and you will be looking like a magical rock babe straight out of the '70s. 


Bianca Jagger


Dress like Bianca


This sexy take on menswear with it's plunging neckline, feminine ribbon and wide leg style would fit perfectly in Bianca's closet.  This Halston Heritage has a 70's appeal that can't be denied. 


Pam Grier


Pam Grier had a great, glam, sexy yet kick ass vibe about her. Her role as Foxy Brown inspired so many style inspirations for decades. 


Dress like Pam




This beautiful blue dress gives off an effortlessly glam look but has that strong, bold style with it's over sized collar and rolled up sleeves  is perfect to channel Pam. 


Farrah Fawcett


Farrah Fawcett was the 70's golden girl with that megawatt smile, that feather blonde hair and her effortlessly cool and glam style.  


Dress like Farrah


I love this lavender dress with its iconic 70's silhouette. The sweet ruffles and old school belt make this picture picture to dress like Farrah. 


What's your favorite 70's Babe?

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