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Recreate the Look: 1940's Vixen Style

Recreate the Look: 1940's Vixen Style

I love nothing more than the effortlessly glam style of 1940s actresses. The high slits, the smouldering looks, the actresses in sparkly gowns with their lyrical names in marquee lights. The Ziegfield inspired turbans, stunning embellishments, dazzling accessories, curled hair, cinched waists, and a red lip were just some of the style staples of the '40s.

This Amethyst maxi dress from Venus.com reminded me of Veronica lake with the high slit and  cinched waist. I wanted to re-create three of my favorite 40's looks with everyday fashions you can buy and wear now:


Barbara Stanwyck



This hip hugging embellished dress is beyond gorgeous! To make it even sparkle even more are the big costume jewelry. Her hair is perfectly curled, her eyebrows are thin but accentuate her porcelain skin and her eyes.


Dress like Barbara


This vintage black, embellished dress comes with a detachable bolero. It also has cap sleeves, a rhinestone defined waist band and a full skirt that will have you sparkle like Stanwyck. With the Great Depression ending and magazines now in color - film studios adorned their starlets with Art Deco style jewelry or big, fancy costume jewelry. The costume jewelry was effective: it was cheap so it was attainable to their audience but also gave off a look of wealth and glamour for their stars in films and advertisments. 

Etsy is a great place to find statement costume jewelry that'll truly make an outfit look authentically '40s. This vibrant brooch from the '40s is a perfect addition to any vintage inspired outfit. 



Ginger Rogers



Ginger Rogers encapsulates those black and white, bittersweet train scenes so wildly popular in the 40's. The women with their breathtaking angel faces, wide brimmed hats, responsible yet unforgettable skirt suits with suitcases packed ready to take them to a shiny city are a glamorous cliche in old (and even new films). 

Dress like Ginger



This 1940s muted brown skirt suit is tailored and oh so classic. A rhinestone brooch adds sparkle and a vintage authenticity. 



The wide brim hats of 1940's added a feminine allure and a wistful that was undeniable. This hat captures the magic and beauty of that era. 


Rita Hayworth


Rita looks like one retro babe here in her vintage swimsuit. We discussed wide brim hats and as you can see you can wear them in a variety of outfits and occasions. Now let's get down to that bodacious suit. This slinky, printed bikini with peep toe sandals and perfectly coiffed hair is just vintage perfection.

Dress like Rita


This Unique Vintage Navy and white polka dot bikini is high waisted, sexy, flirty and oh so retro it'll make you one unforgettable, lovely beach babe.  


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