"Come in out of the darkness"

Summer Vibes

This summer has been daunting. Between moving and stepping up in my full time job, I felt my energy and creativity take a hit. It's easy to let the stress mount and to feel alone at those times. I use to have my pen and paper and the words to comfort me. It was cathartic. With writer's block, though, I felt like a dear friend had left me.

Recently I teamed up with the talented, CT local photographer Mark Johnson. What was meant to be a "Stevie Nicks" photoshoot turned into a fun photo shoot with a mix of glam, boho chic and summer glam all against the detailed and glorious background of Yale campus.

I had a blue velvet dress that made me feel like a queen. I had a green bra top and denim shorts, fringe boots and a turquoise statement necklace that made me feel like a boho chic princess. I had an embroidered skirt that made me feel like I came from the 70s.

I'm happy to be inspired. To write again. To not just see the world around me, but to take it all in and write about it. The summer wind, the ethereal architecure of Yale and styling this shoot gave me the motivation to dust off my laptop. It renewed my writer's spirit and for that I'm ever so thankful. 

All Photography: Mark Johnson

Bra Top, Statement Necklace & Shorts: TJ Maxx

Boots: Spool 72

Dress: Polished Boutique

(My New & Improved) Babe Cave

(My New & Improved) Babe Cave

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