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Twirling Around Town: Guilford, CT

Twirling Around Town: Guilford, CT

One of my favorite things to do is go on little day excursions. Guilford, CT is a charming suburban town with an iconic New England town green - complete with a church, a bookstore, little boutiques, a hardware store, restaurants and plenty of places to window shop and fall in love with. 

Today, Freddie and I lunched at Forte's Gourmet Market. I wore a midi off the sleeve dress by Grace Elements. It was every bit romantic and summery as the blue and white hydrangea that punctuate the gorgeous lawns of the historial New England colonials. I had a straw bag with pops of blue from Lulu's to carry around my essentials. It's perfect summer bag!

It made me think of my favorite places and spaces in Guilford. Here is my travel guide:


Ballou's Wine Bar and Restaurant is tucked between the shops of the Guilford Green. It's lovely and romantic with amazing food, great drinks, and a dreamy yet fun atmosphere. 


Cilantro Quality Food is hands down one of my favorite coffee shops ever. One time i got a window corner seat. I had a medium coffee, one of their delectable 7 layer bars, a book and my laptop and it felt perfect. Cilantro is atorefront standby with local art & house-roasted coffee, plus sandwiches, desserts & gourmet items.

 Perk on Church, is a funky Quonset hut near the Guilford town green. Perk offers a wide selection of artisanal coffee and crepes, and a great breakfast - amazing Vegan options!!


Cinderella's Attic is a glamorous consignment boutique offering up funky, vintage and high quality styles.


Breakwater Books is an independent bookstore has been providing Guilford readers with a wide selection of books for adults and children, as well as calendars, journals, and a variety of unique note cards.  It's a beautiful store to wander and stumble across a book you may not have known you wanted! The staff is incredible helpful. The atmosphere is instantly calming. 


The Place - I have never been there but it's iconic. Their website describes it perfectly: "The Place Restaurant is a truly unusual outdoor seafood restaurant in Guilford CT where visitors dine outdoors while a crackling wood fire roasts savory clams, smoky lobsters, sweet corn and much more.  Instead of chairs, tree stumps encircle bright red tables, decorated with a bottle of freshly cut flowers.  One large menu towers over the dining area, allowing all to see their options as smiling waitstaff come to take their order". I need to go!

Roses for Autism is a terrific social enterprise that helps individuals with autism achieve their dreams of meaningful employment and personal success in their local communities. Their roses are locally renowned for being fresh-cut and full fragrant, and for unfolding in exquisite blooms over the course of two weeks upon delivery.  Our prized flowers continue to create a following among new and returning customers on a daily basis. Since 2009, they have helped nearly one hundred individuals gain positive work experience in all areas of our business: from the greenhouse to e-commerce.  They even have a sensory garden!


Tell me - Did I Miss anything? 



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