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Twirling Around Town: Hometown Edition

Twirling Around Town: Hometown Edition


I'm taking my series Twirling Around Town from my blogspot over to my new shiny site! It's all about travel - no matter how near or far. Today I wanted to focus on a town near and dear to my heart: Branford, Connecticut aka my hometown! 

Yesterday, I had the day off and it couldn't have been anymore perfect. The sun was out- shiny and warm. I met my mother and brother Paul at an Irish Pub called McHenry's. (Where my mom snapped this picture of me!) After we ate, we walked around the Linden Shore District. It's absolutely stunning there - big, beautiful Victorian mansions facing the water. We snapped a lot of pictures then grabbed coffee at Common Grounds. Common Grounds has been the coffee shop in Branford since I remember. I love to get their delicious and decadent dessert bars, but I passed (this time! :)



I haven't lived in Branford in awhile but I remember all the nooks and crannies that make my heart skip a beat. I love the seashore community with their lobster shacks and mansions, the quaint New England downtown with boutiques and ice cream shops and how the winding tree-lined roads look with their headdresses of Autumn. I love Stony Creek for all it's magic and beauty. Each little corner of Branford has history and stories that no matter how far I move, it'll always be embedded in my head and heart.

Since I am a Branford native I decided to write a guide of my favorite places!


Favorite Coffee Shop:  The aforementioned Common Grounds wins this for me. With it's cozy atmosphere and location right on the Branford Green, CG is a perfect place to cozy up with some coffee and your laptop. If you're a local, you are bound to run into someone you know. Also, the dessert bars are out of this world :)



Favorite Clothing Boutique:  Polished Boutique offers a "cache of girly things". Whether it's a graphic tee or a gorgeous dress from a special occasion, Lisa and her mother are incredibly helpful and friendly. It's nice to see a mother-daughter business team flourish! They have a great selection of chic and modern clothes and online store if you can't stop in!

Favorite Restaurants: 

This is so hard because there is sooo much great food in Branford!

G-Zen is a nationally known vegan & vegetarian restaurant known for it's sustainable and organic food. It also boasts a seriously lovely and warm atmosphere and decor! I love their breakfasts!

Kampaii is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. It serves a traditional Japanese cuisine. Downstairs you can enjoy hibatchi and upstairs you can relax in the private rooms and nosh on sushi or any other menu delights!

Four Seasons Market is a Family owned business with a salad bar, bakery, a grocery and vitamin store and a wide selection of food to eat in or take out. A lot of healthy options and a helpful staff makes this one of my favorite lunch spots.

 Foe Foods and Catering is a fantastic place where you can cater for a wedding or a special occasion, or you can come in for their amazing lunches. It's Bistro food with a Cook to Order Approach. They also have monthly dinners that book up fast! I also love their whimsical decor!


And I'd recommend any pizza place in Branford because I truly believe New Haven, County has the best pizza!!


Favorite Places

Pine Orchard

Branford has a lot of wonderful, affluent communities but Pine Orchard may be the top tier and in turn have some of the most gorgeous Victorian mansions I've ever seen. I love the stately elegance of the mansions overlooking the water, Pine Orchard's classic little New England chapel and how peaceful and beautiful it all is. Worth taking a walk through and dreaming of what it would be like to twirl around the hallways of these giant houses with vintage dresses on!

Stony Creek

Stony Creek is a seaside community within Branford. There is just something so serene and magical about it. They have plenty of boat tours to take you around the legendary Thimble Islands, a small but cozy beach, and plenty of picturesque houses, sunsets and coastal living to fill up a magazine. One of my favorite places on Earth


Supply Pond


Supply Pond is a terrific place to hike with all it's nature paths but also an amazing place to breathe in the fresh air. My favorite time to go is Autumn, when you can see all the colorful trees reflecting off the water.


Honorable Mentions

As I said before, I haven't lived in Branford for awhile but I have heard many good things about Stony Creek Brewery (where you can drink their tasty beer and relax by the water!) and The Stand - a roadside BBQ & Market that also has live music!


Are you from Branford? Did I leave anything out? Let me know!

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