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Back on the Rack: Consignment Heaven

Back on the Rack: Consignment Heaven

Every morning I drive by Back on Rack, a consignment shop tucked all pretty like a Kate Spade bow on Whitney Avenue in Hamden, CT. I kept telling myself - I have to go. On Friday, I had a short day because of the holiday season and decided to go. I'm so glad I did!

When I walked in I was greeted by Leslie, a stylist who works there. She's incredibly warm and friendly and so intuitive on personal style. She showed me many things without ever being pushy. I felt like I had a friend who knew my style right away. I collected dresses - a sequined asymetrical dress, a summer-y bohemian dream of dress with two subtle yet sexy slits, a bright red blazer, a blue jumpsuit with a daring neckline, and a silvery J Crew skirt perfect for the holiday season.

Some fit, some didn't. But I found some amazing pieces to take home: the bright red blazer, the blue pantsuit with it's unique and sexy neckline and an embroidered, delicate handbag that seems like it comes straight from the 1940's. I've been looking for a handbag like this for awhile - one that evokes a style and fashion decades and decades ago. I can picture it with a graceful white gloves and a delicate dress with a full bodied skirt. I found an ornate black brooch that was screaming my name. I can picture this being adorned on a lovely wiggle dress ala Joan Hollaway.

The most fun was going home and putting the outfits together! I wanted to mix and match and try out different things.

For the blue jumpsuit, I kept it simple. I put one side of my hair back with an antique-looking barrette I found at Rite-Aid. I paired the jumpsuit with the delicate handbag for a mish-mash of sexy and delicate, daring and demure.



For the red blazer, I wanted to downplay how serious and official it looked - I wanted to make it look sexy and more feminine. I added the elegant black brooch to the collar to make it look more vintage-inspired. I paired a black lacy lingerie top with a black and white H&M skirt and black kitten heels. I wore my Kate Spade masquerade mask bag to add some levity and whimsy to it. The red of the blazer really pops and I thought black would work well with it along


It was fun creating an outfit based on one piece! I will be soon doing a Vlog on what I look for at thrift stores/consignment shops that may be helpful to you!

If you are in CT area or will be, I implore you to go to Back on the Right in Hamden! Here's some photos of my time there:


Also, I did a flatlay featuring my favorite find - that embroidered hand bag --



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