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Shift Dress Mania

Shift Dress Mania

There's something about a shift dress I just love - especially vintage ones. They just have that retro, fun flair and are great for dancing and not feeling so confined.  It's a simple silhouette that can be dressed up or down. The shift dress came into popularity in the 20's with the arrival of flapper fashion. The shift dress experienced a revival in the 1960's with the popularity of Lilly Pullitizer and her colorful dresses. 

I loved this sweetheart pink dress with the embellished collar and bow from Minxouri VIntage. I wanted to share my favorite vintage dresses on etsy! 


This 1980's Tropical Floral Shift Dress with it's pockets and waist tie looks so comfy and party perfect! This dress just looks like you should be in 80's Miami at a sexy party drinking something fruity. 


How darling is this colorful, mod 60's shift dress? I love the unique colors - such a fun print!


This circa early 60's shift dress is such a show stopper! It's a silk blend with a botanical print. 




This original French Mod dress is an absolute delight! Perfect for those warm summer days! 


I love this cowl neck, sunny shift dress. It is from the 80's - but it truly reminds me of Betty Draper/ 60's style. 


Happy Shopping!

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