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Behind the Boudoir Lights

Behind the Boudoir Lights

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Tina Fine of Tina Fine's Lingerie and Swimwear and local photographer Mark Johnson on a 2018 calender for Tina's Boutique. I felt sexy and empowered. Although this wasn't a typical "boudoir" shoot - it got me thinking about everything I took from that experience. There's so many women who are unsure of going forward with their own Boudoir shoot and I wanted to offer my experience and insight and some tips and tricks!

Let it Empower You

Society is constantly telling women we are not sexy enough, or too sexy, or not thin enough or too thin. We are always too much or too little and it was nice to throw all that away and just BE. I focused on being - on letting my inner confidence shine. I was newly married (and my husband was incredibly supportive), I was on a weight loss and better health journey and I saw this opportunity as fun and exciting and empowering. I felt Hollywood glam and I loved it. It's so important to realize that this shoot - even if it's for someone else - is about you. You are the subject and you are a beautiful, living, breathing, perfectly imperfect masterpiece of a human. Some of us like turtlenecks, some of us like being naked with only socks on. And that's okay. I felt empowered as a woman and were among people who were supportive and cared about my thoughts, opinions, and concerns. I was met with grace and love and light. 

Research, Research, Research

Research photographers. Do you prefer a male or female? Find reviews online or message other women who've worked with them. If something feels off, chances are - something is off. You are in control. Research themes. Do you want that fresh faced au natural beauty look or a Hollywood Glamour Shoot? Do you want risque or something completely unique? Come up with ideas. Pinterest is a great tool. Think of what kind of lingerie (if you are wearing any) you want. Colors. Hair styles. Aesthetics. Props are also great! After you narrow down your photographs, let them know your theme. Do they match your vision? If not - see if they can refer you to a photographer who does. It's so important to be with people who want you to feel sexy and beautiful and empowered. 


I know a lot of women who've done boudoir shoots for their husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/etc. Some do gorgeous maternity shoots to show off the glow and beauty of pregnancy. Some women do it for themselves. Whether it's for your significant other or for yourself - it's fun to think you'll have pictures 20 years from now when you were looking FINEEEE. If you are nostalgic like me, have the photographer take a couple shots that may be portrait shots, or more covered up, or just less sexy and more beautiful and timeless and something appropriate you'd show one day.  

It's YOUR Day

Women are constantly running around and helping everyone else - especially you mothers! It's nice to have a day for yourself that you can be a beautiful queen and wear gorgeous lace lingerie and pearls and lipstick. Let your beauty shine. Relax. Enjoy this time in the spotlight.

Before the shoot...

I do feel boudoir is all about you and what you want to convey so it's hard to tell anyone what they should do. I can only give advice I heard that I liked and listened to;

Don't drink alcohol the night before. I always wake up with puffy eyes and blotchy skin after drinking and that's not very conducive to a boudoir shot. Drink lots of water. Moisturize. Exercise. Get a good night's rest. Some photographs prefer a more natural look and say don't tan or spray tan. I did spray tan and it made me feel great. I felt the color made me look more lively. Make sure the beauty routine you'd do for a sexy night out you do for the shoot.

Get an amazing mani and pedi. 

Leave plenty of time in the morning if you are styling your hair and makeup. If you are going to a shoot with hairdressers and makeup artists, ask them what they want you to do or bring. Make sure you're all working together for the same goal. 

The most important is to be comfortable in your surroundings, on the shoot itself, the photographer and what you are going to be photographing. When you are around supportive, caring people who share your vision - smile and glow in the beauty that you are!

Lights, Camera, Action! 


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