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Feel Good: The Music Edition

Feel Good: The Music Edition

I've been down and out lately. Luckily, I have a great support system in my husband, friends, and mom. I know all the things that will help: Write, Work Out, Stay Busy. After a while though, when you a truly depressed you started lacking the energy and the desire you once had for things you loved. I like having a routine to my day and lately it feels pretty boring and lonely. How many resumes can you send before your eyes glue over? How many times can you look at the scale and see the number rise before you burst into tears? I know, like everything, this too shall past. I didn't want this post to be all sad though. I've been thinking of feel good songs, movies, hobbies, etc. I wanted to break this into series. My first Feel Good post is about music. I love music - it has the power to heal, to uplift, to make you smile. Here are some of my favorite feel good tunes. Tell me yours!


I remember going through a very tough break up and going for my license. I had failed before and I was nervous I wouldn't get it. The stress and drama my ex provided plus my nerves about passing kept me in a state of perpetual panic. I remember hearing this song my last day of Driver's School and felt like Bob was right. Every little thing will be alright. I passed my driver's test. The next day my appendix burst, but I still kept playing this song while I was in Yale for three days. He kept my spirits up. 

WASTE - Phish

I'm not into jam bands and Phish isn't my particular type of music but my husband LOVES it. Back when we were dating (on/off) and I was having a ton of panic attacks I'd put this song on while I got ready for work and instantly felt calm. It's a sweet, calming and quirky love song. The mellow vibe spoke to my racing heart. I'll never forget straightening my hair with the window open and Phish blasting as I got ready. 

RIDE WIT ME- Nelly. 

A fun hip hop jam will always put me in a good mood - it also pumps me during my work outs. It's a catchy song and I can rap a good chunk of it! 

MY LOVE - Justin Timberlake.

It's a sweet love song set to a catchy beat that you can't help but dance to. I adore the choreography in the music video and like to pretend I have the dance moves like the dancers. Once I start dancing around, my troubles feel far away.

HONEY - Mariah Carey

I'm showing my age when I say I remember when this music video debuted. It was such a departure from Mariah's other music and music videos. She was feeling sexy and liberated and even was a spy in a leather bathing suit in the video! It's a fun song and video and I can't help but dance to it!


This is really a sampling of my favorite Feel Good music. I asked before - and I'll ask again - what are your favorite songs that uplift you?

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