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 Westville Art Walk 22


Westville is a treasure of artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and a vibrant section of New Haven that is driven by community and the arts.

Friday May 10th kicked off their 22nd Annual Artwalk with a beer garden, live music and fashion show!

My Favorite CT Boutiques: Vintage & Modern


Connecticut has so many amazing boutiques serving up the softest sweaters, the latest antique pearl hairclips, berets, handmade jewelry and retro dresses that would make Betty Draper swoon. I wanted to curate a collection of my favorite boutiques - vintage & modern. Places + Spaces that not only sell beautiful things but truly authentic and lovely.

Mother’s Day


Any green in my eyes I get from my mother. I have the same lips and same mannerisms. Anything dreamy or mystical I like, I got from her. She loves bohemian dresses, rose gold vases, 70’s styled sunglasses, delicate jewelry, quaint little downtowns with art cinemas and fancy boutiques. She loves coffeeshops and bookstores we can wander around. She has that dreamy, mystical sweet essence but she’s strong too.