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Heartfelt Favorites of June


June is such a sweet month! It welcomes my favorite season - summer. Summer is a time of magic, of adventure, of fruition. I love the dreamy, hazy days of late Spring/Early Summer. Sundresses with a cardigan. Pastel sunrises. Flowers are vibrant and lush. Everything feels alive. Everything feels ready. Ready to bloom. Ready for the sunshine.

I’m here to share my favorite June joys - the things that make my eyes sparkle with passion.

June Mood Board


See what’s visually inspiring me for the month of June!

Mocktails & Glam


Not all days are easy, but that is life and sobriety has been the best gift I’ve ever given myself. I was at first shy and ashamed to admit that - but I am not anymore. I feel my best, my strongest, my most authentic.