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Vintage & Vintage Inspired Holiday Wear


You can still find glamour and shimmer in a vintage dress but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, I curated my favorite vintage inspired holiday wear as well. Shop these looks and bring a retro loveliness to any room.

Learning through my Late Grandmother Pauline


I realized through getting to know about her, you can be soft and fierce. Gold and Silver. Leather and Lace. Honey and Fire. You can be powerful in silver dresses and a tender heart. Learning and loving myself has been such a beautiful journey but getting to know my grandmother all over again has been pure magic.

Just for Today: An Autumn Reflection


The first day of autumn 2019. I often take inventory this time of year as the leaves change - that gentle reminder of Earth. Last year at this time I was pouring all my energy into the wrong people, places and things. I felt depleted and my spirit was broken.